Build Affiliate Sites in Seconds!

Do you build Affiliate Sites? I do – I’ve built heaps of them! I’m sure you already know how time consuming it can be. Wish there was an easier way? Welcome to the Super Affiliate Plugin!

  • Save Hours of Time!

    Save Hours of Time!

    Save hours of time when creating WordPress affiliate sites. Average setup time: < 20 mins!

  • Automate The Repetitive Tasks

    Automate The Repetitive Tasks

    Let the Super Affiliate Plugin do the hard work for you. A few clicks – done.

  • Enjoy the Commissions!

    Enjoy the Commissions!

    Enjoy the commissions that will come from doing Affiliate Marketing the right way!

  • Need Help? Watch the Webinars

    Need Help? Watch the Webinars

    We often run Live Webinars where you can watch exactly how to use all of the features.

  • One Plugin - More than 20 Features
  • Start building affiliate sites now
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  • Download & Install

    Download & Install

    Download and Install the base installer plugin – it will always get the latest Modules for you. Total time: 2 minutes!

  • Apply Your Settings

    Apply Your Settings

    Answer the simple questions, enter your settings, automatically install other plugins, queue months of content…

  • Sit Back & Enjoy

    Sit Back & Enjoy

    Drive some traffic, sit back, enjoy the commissions flying in! -
    Total time: 20 mins!

Site Setup

Download Latest Modules

The SAP will automatically get the latest modules available and bring you new features as they are released.

SEO Settings

Keywords, Descriptions, No Index, No Follow, No ODP, No YHD… All SEO settings are catered for!

Google Analytics

Easily add Google Analytics tracking to your WordPress site

Privacy Policy Generator

One click Privacy Policy Generator. Great for keeping Google happy!

Terms & Conditions

One click Terms & Conditions Generator… Nice and easy!

Recommended Plugins

One click install of the best plugins that compliment the SAP. Saves a lot of time!

Site Content

Article Importer

Import a single article of your choice from

Automatic Article Importer

Import hundreds of articles from and queue them up as Scheduled Posts.

Youtube Shortcode Generator

Create a shortcode to embed a YouTube video just by using the URL of the video

Automatic YouTube Video Importer

Import hundreds of videos from and queue them up as Scheduled Posts.

Site Images

Rating Stars

Display any number of Rating Star images in 9 different colors with a simple Shortcode

Pre-Loaded Sales Images

Display a pre-loaded sales image to improve your conversions

Site Tools

Banner Ads

Easily display Banner Ads within your WordPress site using these Shortcodes

Auto Responders

Display an Auto Responder form in your Widgets, Pages and Posts. Works will all major list providers

Link Cloaking

Hide your affiliate links by Cloaking them and see click through stats

Geo IP Location Tracking

Display the City and Country of the viewer to create an emotional hook

Custom Date Display

Display the current date minus n days to make your sales page appear new, but not too new

Link Generator

Easily create Links using this handy anchor text generator